Kidz Point

The TVCOC Youth Ministry is dedicated to teaching and training children from toddler age through the 8th grade level biblical principles, morals, and values. Classes are conducted on Sunday’s during service by qualified and background checked TVCOC members who have a passion for children of all ages. It is the collective goal of this ministry to provide an environment where children can learn about God, where they can experience His love and where they have opportunity to grow in His character all the while building a host of positive spiritual memories that water the foundation being laid at the family level and most importantly, HAVE FUN doing it!


Middle School 6th - 8th grade

Middle school students today don't know they are dearly love children of God. We plan fun and engaging activities designed to help them be convinced. As they get to know and follow Jesus, they will impact their world by sharing His transforming love!

Launch Point High School

High School is an exciting, yet challenging time for students and their families. Our youth need the strength and hope Jesus gives. They also need the support of their parents and mature mentors. We believe strong loving relationships lead to strong teens.

We plan fun events, spiritual learning times, and family building experiences. When our teens know how dearly loved they are by Jesus they will have faith and a hope to stand on for a lifetime. With Jesus as the foundation and a network of spiritual friends and family, teens will be empowered to stand in the gap - to be the change that is needed in a lost generation!

Look forward to meeting you at our next time together!


Starting Point Campus Ministry

We see a church filled with a diverse group of students, professionals, and flat out inspired disciples hailing from colleges and universities from around the Treasure Valley. Starting Point Campus Ministry believes in building family together and are passionate about serving our community and challenging the status quo.

As a family, we are so convinced of God’s love that we love one another, and all people. We have created a welcoming atmosphere that allows college students to engage in relationships, academics, and faith. Turning Point is a place for students to gain unforgettable memories, grow with one another, and experience personal growth in their walk with God. Together our campus ministry participates in weekly Bible discussions, devotionals, retreats, and fun events.


Discover your place in God’s story! Jesus intentionally met people where they were in their journey and helped them discover reality of their life and the truth of God’s amazing love for them. We envision a church where singles from all over the Treasure Valley live Christ-inspired, sacrificial lives of love because they know they are contributing to something greater than themselves.

Our ministry is a place for singles from all walks of life to come together for sound biblical teaching relevant to single adults in a safe environment where we are so convinced of God’s love that we develop deep, rich, healthy, personal relationships with God and with each other, we grow in faith, and we help equip each other to live God-honoring lives. Together our singles ministry participates in Bible discussions, devotionals, retreats, and fun events.



It is important that when we talk about "marrieds ministry" we must first dispel the idea that our goal as Christ followers is to have the happiest marriage possible. But who doesn't want a happy marriage? I know I do. The problem is that we've got it backward. The path to a great marriage is not by focusing more on marriage, but by making Jesus the absolute center of our lives.

If you are single and reading this, please know that so many waste their single years searching for a man or a woman to complete them as only God can, carrying this expectation into their marriages. Like a thirst that can never be quenched, the needier we became, the more unhappy we are. Why? Because we fully I expect or husbands or wives to fill up all the empty spaces in our hearts - spaces which only Jesus Christ was meant to satisfy. That is what modern day idolatry looks like and we can testify that the results can be quite ugly.

Jesus is more than enough - enough to satisfy the soul of a single man or woman and more than enough to produce joy in a worn out husband or wife. A happy marriage is the byproduct of living a Christ-centered life. The more we are full of Christ, the less needy we will be and the more we will able to lay down our lives in love, for one another and all people.

Come joins us as we strive to be fully convinced of Christ's perfect love and make Jesus the absolute center of our lives. Only His love will never fail us.

Worship Ministry

We see a church whose heartfelt praise and worship touches Heaven and transforms earth; worship which influences the praises of people throughout the earth, exalting Christ with powerful songs of love, faith ,and hope. Our approach to our worship experience is an environment where all people are inspired to build a deeper intimacy with God, deeper community with one another, as we help all people find their place in God’s story.


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