About Us

Thank you for checking out our website! We are a family that is convinced of one thing: we are dearly loved children of God. This is "why" we are here. His love compels us to live out Christ-inspired lives, with a deep passion and love for God, one another, and all people. We envision a world where all generations live Christ-inspired, sacrificial lives of love because they know they are contributing to something greater than themselves. We cannot wait to meet you!

- Frank and Julie Williams

"Our Vision"

We believe in and seek Christ's vision of a gathering of disciples who are so inspired by His love, life, and sacrifice, that we cannot help but lay down our lives in loving worship and obedience for Him, knowing that in the end, we will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love Him.

Our Why

We are a family convinced of Jesus Christ’s love for us.

Our How

His love compels us to live lives of sacrificial love for Him.

Our What

Devotion to knowing, following, and loving Jesus, building community, and telling our OIKOS how much the Lord has done for us and had mercy on us.

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