Life in the Spirit — 2016

A Season of Change

These are exciting times in the Treasure Valley Church! From our season of seeking the lead of God's Spirit have come many exciting changes, both external and changes taking place within our hearts.

New Location — After meeting for eight years in the historic Capital City Christian Church building, we recently moved to a new location that is better suited to meet the needs of our families and the needs of our guests. Meeting at the Riverside Community Church building is a blessing from God in answer to our prayers!

New Staff — We are honored to welcome Frank and Julie Williams to our staff! They bring a wealth of ministry experience along with fresh vision and faith that we believe is already energizing the church. Frank and Julie will help revitalize our youth culture. We are also thrilled to have their children Luke, Cole, and Lexi as a part of our family.

Faith — Seeing God answer our prayers for revival and for workers has strengthened our faith. Truly God is actively working to build us into a spiritual house for his glory (I Peter 2:5). Each person's story helps to form the tapestry of faith known as the Treasure Valley Church.

Hope — Biblical hope is an expectation that God will bring into reality what is spoken in His word. Our hope is that God will use us to bring many souls into a relationship with him and into a spiritual family.

Love —Jesus desired his followers to share a love that mirrored his relationship with his father (John 15:9). This love would distinguish his people above all other attributes (John 13:35). We pray that our love for each other will be evident and powerful.

We are seeking more opportunities to serve our neighbors in the Treasure Valley and around the world. This is the goal of the changes that we experiencing in the church. Please come and see for yourself what God is doing!

Dave and Robin Weidner